SUBJECT GROUPS                                     CONSULTING EXPERTISE

Driving ongoing success stories

Executing M&A transactions
(also in combination with
private equity companies)

Managing process optimizations
and restructurings

Developing start-ups and turnarounds

Wealth and Real Estate Management


Increased transparency and improved
decision-making ability

Integrated strategic, financial
and IT processes

Optimized customer and
value-oriented organization

Sustainable increase of

Enhanced risk at minimal cost

Focused service orientation

We build on more than 25 years of
top management skills & experience,
designing each business case and
business process with the end target
in view and aligning all phases with
this target.

Using our network we focus on
the optimization and steering of all
company processes and enhance
the structure of the entire
value-added chain.

One of our key approaches is
the development and application
of best practice models.

We facilitate the implementation
process with coaching, if required.


IFRS, HGB, EVA, Rating, Finance,
Taxes, Risk Management,
Compliance, Corporate Governance,
Audit, IT, Organization,
Global Supply Chains,
Human Resources, Law and Real Estate.